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Credits: Michael Dykes & Lynne Clear

National foodservice wholesaler, Bidfood, has become renowned for its eye-catching food landscapes displayed on its delivery vehicles.

I was lucky enough to be part of the team involved in the project, supporting the creation and art working of the final images that would soon become so well-known that members of the public would request copies to be displayed in homes, schools and care homes.

The in-house studio had worked collaboratively with the insights and marketing team, and identified through research that customers were unable to identify what Bidfood offered as a service when coming across a livery in public.

The obvious solution was to show food - but the real challenge was to show it in an inspiring way. We therefore created a series of ‘foodscapes’ representing the places in which Bidfood delivers its service to customers across the UK. Both vibrant and engaging the aim was to get people talking, rather than blend in with competitors.

Now that I’ve pointed them out to you, you won’t be able to miss them!